Here is a sample of what customers are saying about Techliner Computer Services.

"John has helped me in so many ways. I think that the keyword here is integrity. This, combined with John's vast knowledge of the field — and his ability to determine how it all applies to your own requirements — allows for a high level of service. John's interest and enthusiasm about all endeavors has been terrific. I am certainly very happy with all work undertaken and indeed am most grateful for this assistance." Pat D.

"John, we are so glad we could get your Techliner Gold Support Service. It's reassuring to have both your support for problems, and your availability for various technical questions. Thanks for explaining so well what you were doing and being patient in answering my questions." David P., Marlborough

"I was so satisfied with John Gregory's work, patience and knowledge. I was having a meltdown and he went above and beyond to ensure my needs were met and in a short time frame. I would recommend him to anyone. I tried Staples and #800 number helplines and ended up exasperated. It was well worth the investment (totally reasonable price) for peace of mind and I will never feel helpless again with Techliner's support."
April, Glastonbury

"Prior to Techliner Computer Service, I had used a number of different firms for computer service. No service, however, has been as impressive as Techliner for their responsiveness, attention to detail and desire to get to the root of the problem and resolve it as effectively and efficiently as possible with lasting, positive results. Also, noteworthy is their interest in performing a service that is cost affordable for their customers. For them it isn't just a job, it's a passion and doing it well — right the first time, exceeding customer expectations — is what matters most. This is a firm that truly understands and practices customer relationship management — in staying in touch — creating trust and respect in building long-term, valued relationships." Karla H., East Hampton

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