Business IT Support and Administration

Techliner provides full-service IT support to clients with our Techliner Business Support plan. For more information, please visit the Our Process page.

Network Installation

Techliner installs and supports both wired and wireless networks.

Computer and Software Setup

Whether you decide to purchase one of Techliner's computer configurations or a machine you purchase independently from a retailer, Techliner can help get your new computer up and running. We will assist you with initial settings, installing software, setting up user accounts, connecting to your network, and setting up peripheral devices.

Hardware Repairs

A cracked laptop screen or failed power supply does not have to be the end of your computer. Hardware repairs are often an affordable way to extend the lifespans of newer computers that suffer damage or hardware failures. We have fixed or replaced CD/DVD drives, laptop screens, smartphone screens, hard drives, power supplies, CPU fans, and more.


Upgrades to software and hardware can help you maximize the security and performance of your computers. We can increase your storage with bigger and/or additional hard drives, and speed up your machines by upgrading the RAM. Out of date operating systems can carry security vulnerabilities, which are easily resolved with an operating system upgrade. Techliner can take your home or business to Windows 10.

Web Design

Techliner designs, builds, and maintains custom websites, starting at $25 per month. For more examples of our work, click on the links below (All links open in new tabs):


We provide one-on-one and group training for a variety of subjects. Some topics we've covered include:


The most important thing you can do to protect your valuable data is maintain regular backups. For the best protection against ransomware attacks, Techliner recommends using a secure cloud-based backup service. We can help you choose the best service for your needs and implement your file backup system.

Data Recovery

What if one day your computer won't boot and you don't have your files backed up? There's still hope. With few rare exceptions, Techliner can often recover your data for you.

Virus Removal

Undetected malware can slow down computers, prevent them from running the way they should, and leave them vulnerable to further attacks. Techliner specializes in the detection and removal of malware to help optimize the performance of your computer.

Home Entertainment Setup