About Techliner Computer Services

Techliner Computer Services is located in Marlborough, Connecticut. Techliner was founded by John Gregory in 2007, in response to the needs of local businesses and home users for quality computer support and repair. Since that time, Techliner's customer base has grown to include clients across central and eastern Connecticut.

Techliner's Focus

  1. Setting up and supporting IT infrastructure — from desktop PCs to entire networks with professional grade servers and robust technology.

  2. To resolve software issues, and repair and upgrade hardware, responding quickly when needed.

  3. To build, install, and maintain high quality PCs and servers for your business infrastructure.

  4. To develop an optimum corporate presence for your business on the internet.

  5. To provide the best IT services for your business, whether it is a fast response when a repair is needed, or installation and administration of an an entire network.